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As I promised you before , I am now Posting My collection of Pic Microcontroller compilers , IDEs , Utilities . Most if not all of them are the latest & complete versions. Cracks & serials are enclosed . All of them work fine with me using win xp pro.

here's a list of the Compilers and a link for more info. about each compiler :

1- Picc Compiler :

2- Ccsc Compiler :

3- Ccs Compiler :

4- Iar Compiler :

5- Dspic Compiler :

6- Pcwh Compiler :

PCWH is a Windows IDE (Integrated Development Environment) C-compiler capable of performing all the features found in the PCB, PCM and PCH command line compilers plus more. The Windows graphical interface helps any user perform basic and advanced compiling tasks. In addition to it's user friendly environment the PCWH comes complete with text editor, project wizards, special window views, and statistics. Since the PCWH has the features of PCB, PCM and PCH, it is capable of supporting the 12 and 14-bit core parts and the 18-series parts as well.

Download From here :

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Part 5 :

Part 6 :


I Have Just saved you few thousands $ , and to make sure of that , check the following link where they compare between 2 types of compilers including the prices of each :

For me , this is the Last piece of Pic Microcontroller Fun i have for you , i did my best to deliver the most cutting Edge Pic Culture and Software tools . if you gonna start making projects with Pic you gonna need three main elements :

1- Comprehensive Text , and this was provided by the books that i have posted earlier .

2- Software for coding and programming , and this is also is provided in this post and the previous PicBasic Pro post .

3- programming Board , this is your problem .. :) , you can get a good one with suitable price from a good deal with some vendors .

So , at the end , i wish you all good luck and Have Fun Playing with Pic ........................

MAZ - Egypt