Pimsleur Chinese III

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Pimsleur Chinese III

You can rapidly learn Mandarin!
Numerous studies have revealed that in every country, native-speakers use only about 2,500 distinct words and phrases on a daily basis. Dr. Pimsleur spent his lifetime studying these language building blocks. With the Pimsleur approach, it's not how many words you know, but rather, which words you can use. By aiming each lesson at teaching you to use those 2500 words, the Pimsleur approach teaches you to speak the most Mandarin in the least amount of time.
Dr. Pimsleur
Dr. Pimsleur was a language educator for 40 years. He noticed that children have an amazing ability to learn new languages–quickly. That's why there are so many bilingual 5-year olds. Dr. Pimsleur spent his life developing this course to let you, as an adult, learn French as easily as a child would. You might not realize it, but you've already learned one language using the Pimsleur approach. Your first language!

Children love cookies

How old were you when you ate your first cookie? Try not to laugh! Did you know what a cookie was before your first bite? Mommy or Daddy didn't force you to memorize the ingredients before your first taste. But you sure knew how to ask for seconds! Pimsleur makes learning and speaking Mandarin just that easy. You just have to listen and participate with your Pimsleur course.

By age four, a child has acquired the building blocks of a "first" language at a rate of about one every five hours of waking time exposed to the language in use. With this course, YOU will learn Mandarin at the rate of almost one item for every minute of Pimsleur training.

The Purpose, of Course
The entire Pimsleur approach is what language learning should be: quick, fun, and easy! Many foreign language students have difficulty learning. Their textbooks teach monotonous drills, grammar rules, and random lists of words. But textbooks alone can never bring it all together.

Your only real goal in taking any Mandarin course is to speak Mandarin naturally with others.

Dr. Pimsleur designed each lesson as the foundation for the next. In other words, you'll keep building on what you've previously learned. Best of all, the Pimsleur Mandarin course does not waste your time by cramming grammar down your throat. You learn to recognize what sounds right through practice. The Pimsleur approach's subtle grammar lessons won't seem like grammar lessons at all.
The Pimsleur approach is Scientific
The Pimsleur approach is so effective because it traces how people developed language. Before written history, we had oral history. Most people, even kings, couldn't write or read in ancient times. Some people can't even read today. Most language learning systems fail to acknowledge that writing only exists to represent the words we speak. So you should ask yourself, "Why should I learn to read Mandarin if I can't even speak it?"

The Pimsleur Mandarin course immediately immerses you in a Mandarin conversation to help you grasp the syntax or structure of the Mandarin language. Amazingly, once you understand the syntax, that chaotic, "foreign" sound so common to language learning disappears instantly. You'll start to recognize words and phrases. The Pimsleur approach will help to change your perception within your first 30 minutes!

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