PitStop Professional

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PitStop Professional – это лучший инструмент допечатной проверки, автокоррекции и редактирования документов PDF. Он выполнен в виде подключаемого модуля Adobe Acrobat и содержит два десятка встроенных профилей Enfocus PDF Profiles, предназначенных для проверки ключевых атрибутов PDF-файлов и автоматической коррекции типовых ошибок.

PitStop Professional is the industry standard for PDF preflight, auto-correction and editing. It’s the Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that is indispensable to every graphic arts and publishing professional. Enfocus PDF Profiles allow you to check critical PDF attributes and automatically correct common errors.
The preflighting capabilities in PitStop Professional are beyond compare with the integration of the PDF Profile and Certified PDF technologies. Enfocus PDF Profiles allow you to check all critical issues and automatically correct over 100 of the most common errors encountered in your PDF files. Enfocus’ Certified PDF technology embeds the PDF Profile and preflight report in the file, displaying immediate visual feedback that reveals whether or not the file complies with your selected PDF quality specifications. A Certified PDF file tracks all edits and allows for version comparison and roll back.

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Текущая версия — PitStop Professional 6.53
Пользователей v6.0 и выше могут проапгрейдиться со страницы:
Current version is 6.53 and you may download it as free upgrade from: