PlainSight Desktop Calendar ver. 2.3.5

Posted By: klol101
PlainSight Desktop Calendar ver. 2.3.5

PlainSight Desktop Calendar ver. 2.3.5
Win App | 2.4 Mb | RS.COM

PlainSight Desktop Calendar is a great looking desktop calendar which can be fully integrated with W!ndows wallpaper. It stays on your desktop and shows the days of the current month. It can display M!cro$oft 0utlook data, which you can directly manipulate, and weather forecasts from weather information servers. It also uses high-quality fonts, looks pretty, and has lots of skins.

It helps you answer these questions:

What should I do today?

* Instantly see M!cro$oft 0utlook schedule and tasks.
* Display M!cro$oft 0utlook schedule and tasks on the desktop.
* Varied formats and filters for different task statuses.
* Directly add, modify, and delete appointments and tasks.
* Holidays editor for remembering important days.

What's the weather like?

* 5-day forecast for world city
* 7-day forecast for US city