PlexTools Professional XL ver. 3.09

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PlexTools Professional XL ver. 3.09

PlexTools Professional XL ver. 3.09 | 18,7 Mb

PlexTools was released in 1999 by Plextor to give extra support to Plextor hardware by enhancing the possibility to directly control specific functions. The standard version was discontinued in April 2003, and replaced by an advanced version.

Since then, PlexTools Professional has proven to be stable, precise and useful. It offers high quality audio and multimedia capabilities and advanced control of several powerful features of Plextor drives. The distinctive design allows ease of use for newcomers without compromising on the powerful features that experienced burners demand.

Based on existing solid code, PlexTools Professional XL offers more features and extra options. The new layout with resizable windows and improved graphs, enhanced audio functions and project options as well as the unique update check system are designed and tuned for the demanding user.

PlexTools Professional XL features:

The GUI of PlexTools Professional XL consists of 3 independent windows:
The device window contains the hardware device tree of the PC.
The functions window shows all available functions for information of the drive or disc, the players and recording modules and the test functions.
Both windows can be closed, leaving only the main window available.
This window, where all devices and functions can be selected as well, will show the information and the test results.
All 3 windows can be repositioned and resized independently.