Blue Point Studio Pocket World Info v4.0.168

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Blue Point Studio Pocket World Info v4.0.168
Maps for Pocket World Info

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Blue Point Studio Pocket World Info v4.0.168

New Features in version 4.0:

New extended database - detailed information about every country
Updated database - actual data on April 2005
Updated User Interface
VGA resolution support
Portrait and Landscape mode support
Search entire database and installed High Resolution Maps
50 High Resolution Maps available for FREE download

Key Features:

Globe view to locate a country on the globe
Detailed high resolution maps for select countries
Save user's preferences
Entire data stored in an XML file
User can effortlessly add unlimited new information for each country
Textual information can be viewed in 8 zoom modes
Detailed country map for each country
Measurement tool to visually determine distance across multiple cities
Distances measurement shown in either miles or kilometers
Information on the maps may be selectively turned on/off
24-hour clock
Internal DST rule

Download: 1.42 MB