PolyBoost 2.5 for Max 9

Posted By: unti
PolyBoost 2.5 for Max 9

PolyBoost 2.5 for Max 9 | 2,2 MB
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PolyBoost is an extensive set of easy to use, but advanced tools for polygon modellers working in 3ds max. The main focus of the PolyBoost tools is at working with and creating various types of subobject selections as well as offering a set of modelling tools wich will make many tasks in everyday modeling a lot easier. Included is also a Viewport texture painting tool, UVW mapping tools and a set of very useful transform tools. The tools have been developed with the end user very much in mind to enable tools that are user-friendly, fast, stable and above all useful.

Changes for ver. 2.5 are:
- Support had been added for Max 9
- Adds PolyShift, an interactive transform tool to freeform shape an object
- Adds Quadrify, which removes triangulation to achieve foursided polygons
- Adds additional Align Pivot options
- Faster load time
- ShrinkRing added
- Adds shortcuts for initializing the PolyDraw Edit tools
- PolyDraw now works on any geometric object, not only Editable meshes
- PolyDraw speed optimizations
- Improved accuracy when placing loops with SwiftLoop
- SolveSurf now has its own dialog
- Shaded/Wireframe toggle added to the PolyDraw interface
- PolyShapes pixel distance bugfix
- BuildCorner, CornerLoop, PerspectiveSelect and RandomGrow rewritten

Should work in Max 9 32bit. 64bit is untested.