Portable Vault ver.

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Portable Vault ver.

Portable Vault ver. | 3.4 Mb | Windows OS

Portable Vault encrypts, hides and password protects your private files and folders from others on your Portable USB Device. The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you protect your files quickly and easily. Now protecting data on your mobile drives couldn't be easier or more secure!
*Securely protect the confidential files on your USB Media and Drives
*Strong 256 bit Blowfish Level Encryption
*Password protect, encrypt and hide your confidential data
*Great for portable hard drives and flash cards
*Only you can access the information
*Travel with the knowledge your data is locked up and safe if lost or stolen
*Removable drives are easily replaceable knowing your data was secure
*Compatable with USB Drives, Flash Memory, SD Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Removable *Hard Drives, Zip, Jaz, And More!