Posterino 1.1

Posted By: Alexpal
Posterino 1.1

Mac OS: Posterino 1.1 [K] | 10 Mb

Want to send your family a highlight of your last weekend trip? No problem, choose a postcard template, a photo, type some text and hit the "Mail" button. Choose wether you want to send you postcard via email or as a real postcard.
Placing dozens of photos onto a poster needs some time and serious work. Posterino will help you by doing the major part of the hard work while you just have to fine tune the results. Choose or shuffle you pictures with just on click.
Crop, place and rotate your photos as you like.

Create own Templates
Posterino comes with a set of predefined beautiful templates for posters and postcards. And best of all, you can create your own templates too. Compose your own greeting cards or your very special poster-birthday-present.

Posterino lets you export your poster or postcard as TIFF or JPG. Ready to be processed via the iPhoto Kodak print service. Or upload you images to Flickr.