Power Mp3 Creator ver.

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Power Mp3 Creator ver.

Power Mp3 Creator ver. | Size: 2,76 Mb

Power Mp3 Creator is a powerful and simple program designed to create MP3 files from Wav, Avi, MPEG1 / 2 / 4, Vob, divx … etc. With Power Mp3 Creator you will not only split MPEG1 / 2 / 4, avi (vob) file into mp3 but also you can link many files into one big mp3 file.

Here are some key features of Power MP3 Creator:

* Can convert files without temp files + You can create best mp3 without knowledge about mp3.
* Advanced Microsoft DirectX technology ,so the speed most fast!
* Advanced Lame DirectShow Filter encoder,with originality sound quality!
* Skinnable.


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