Power of Appeals ver.5.8

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Power of Appeals ver.5.8

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A proactive approach to insurance denials. Physicians, Medical Billing Companies and other Medical Providers now have a solution for dealing with denied and underpaid insurance claims. Now you can efficiently manage and effectively appeal your claim denials with Power of Appeals.
Power of Appeals can assist in:

Analyzing Denials. Collecting and interpreting denial patterns to quantify denial causes and their financial impact. Includes the ability to improve front-end processes by developing measurable, departmental-specific performance targets which can be tracked with Power of Appeals and reports to assist with performance evaluation.

Appealing Denials. Ease-of-use generation of appeal letters on a case-by-case or volume basis. An expandable appeal letter template database feature letters citing federal and state claim processing statutes favoring the medical provider's appeal and request letters for seeking more specific denial information on ambiguous denials.

Tracking Denials. Collecting information on denial appeals, including status, escalation, correspondence with payors, and the disposition of denial appeals to increase claim recovery.

Preventing Denials. Providing management analysis reports and other actionable information to improve revenue cycle performance.