Powersim Studio 2005 Express

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Powersim Studio 2005 Express

Powersim Studio 2005 Express | 21,5 Mb

Powersim Studio 2005 is Powersim Software's development environment, where you create your simulation model and perform the simulation run and analysis. Powersim Studio allows you to optimize the model as well as analyse the risks involved in your simulations. Powersim's technology has capabilities that allow for modeling of any kind of business or technical problem. You create the simulation model using our graphical modelling language, which makes the model easy to follow and explain to others. The dependencies between the variables are displayed using arrow links, and are defined mathematically in a language similar to standard cell definitions in spreadsheets. Studio allows you to exchange data with Microsoft®Excel and SAP®SEM-BPS. Once your simulation model is finished, you may present the simulation results in one of the built-in presentation controls, including graphs and charts, sliders, buttons, and more. You may also create a user interface on top of your simulation using hyperlinks, bookmarks, frames, and images. You may also perform sensitivity analysis using the built-in Risk Assessment functionality.

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