jv16 PowerTools 2005

Posted By: Alexpal
За свою жизнь я так и не нашел пакета системных утилит, который меня полностью устраивал бы. Иногда чего-то не хватает, иногда одна программа из первого пакета работает лучше аналогичной из другого, а вторая наоборот. :)
Так что последние три года у меня дружно "живут" три семейства утилит при помощи которых и решаются все проблемы: jv16, TuneUp Utilities и MindSoft Utilities XP.
Первое из них и предлагается вашему вниманию.

Created by experts for experts, jv16 PowerTools 2005 provides all the tools needed to maximize the performance of your PC and help you to maintain it.
With jv16 PowerTools 2005, you can diagnose, monitor and tune up your computer, and it's easier than you would ever believe. The program offers a range of advanced tools that provide a safe yet powerful way of getting ”under the hood” of your computer.
jv16 PowerTools 2005 is the first Windows maintenance utility package to take advantege of Artificial Intelligence. AI is used in many sections of the product, such as in the Registry Cleaner, File Finder and File Analyzer.
Key features
- Clean the system registry using the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered Registry Cleaner on the market
- Generic MRU history data cleaner in the Registry Cleaner can flush the privacy-threatening MRU lists of hundreds of applications
- Clean the History and MRU lists of many common Windows applications with the History Cleaner
- Finally get rid of old software you thought you uninstalled ages ago using the Registry Manager
- Fix broken shortcut from the start menu and desktop with the Start Menu Fixer
- Manage and take control of Cookies and web browser history items with the Cookie Manager and History Manager
- Privacy Protector can clear all unwanted Cookies and History items at every system startup.
- Find obsolete and not-used files, such as unused shared DLL and OCX files, unused fonts and leftover temp files with the File Cleaner
- Analyze the contents of unknown files with the File Analyzer
- Encrypt, merge, analyze, copy, mass rename or wipe files with the File Tool
- Monitor what goes on inside the registry, undo the changes easily or remove the changed items with the Registry Monitor
- The multilingual user interface allows you to use the program in all major languages or to translate it into your own language very easily
- Automatic backup and safety features which can also be turned off
- Comes with a full, 60-page electronic ready-to-print handbook (click here to read it online)
And much more!

2 Mb.