PowerVCR II Deluxe 3.0(With Serial Number)

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PowerVCR II Deluxe 3.0

New Features!


PowerVCR II 3.0 is packed with new features that will not let you down when recording TV content from your PC. The "II 3.0" simply means PowerVCR is able to record with MPEG-2 quality (e.g. DVD quality) in real-time, for this is the 3rd edition of the world's leading TV recording software.

Advanced DV Camcorder Support
With PowerVCR II you will have multiple advanced tools for Digital Video manipulation at your disposal:

Unique and Ultra-Fast DV Transcoder, Encodes DV as an MPEG File in Real-time: With CyberLink's ultra-fast DV transcoding engine (not available on any other product), PowerVCRII allows you to encode DV as an MPEG file directly, and in real-time. This saves time by allowing you to avoid the added step of transferring from DV to AVI to MPEG, and also saves precious hard disk space (a standard DV formatted AVI file size is 36 Mbps, where as DVD-quality MPEG-2 is around 4 to 6 Mbps)

Convenient DV Camcorder Manipulation and File Conversion: You are able to select certain sections of the video on the DV tape using PowerVCR II's user interface, so you can easily convert them to MPEG files in a batch. Therefore, there is no need for you to hassle with adjusting the DV camcorder to select video sections.

Live Display and Capture of DV: You can either view your DV files on PowerVCR II directly, or record the contents as a pre-defined MPEG profile.

Instant TV Replay

With PowerVCR II's Instant Replay feature, you can pause, and rewind live television, as well as watch in slow motion, and view instant replays. So, if you are watching your favorite TV program and the phone rings, you can just hit the "Pause" button and freeze the action for a period of time, and then pick up right where you left off. Or if you are watching a basketball game and you just saw an amazing play, you can rewind back and watch it over again (several times if you wish). When you are finished just fastforward to catch up to the live TV broadcast.

Note: Instant TV Replay is different from Time Shifting in that you don't need to record the program to use this feature. Just watch the TV program in Instant Replay mode.

Multi-Channel Preview
With this unique feature, you have a convenient way to preview all of the currently broadcasted programs on available channels. You will be able to see a thumbnail video image of the program playing on each of the channels you are able to receive. Once you have decide to watch a particular program, you just need to double click the image and you will be able to watch it, and record if you choose, in full screen view.

Playlist Video Playback
PowerVCR II will record MPEG video directly from any selected video source and save the file. However, once the target file size is over 600MB, PowerVCR II automatically creates a new video file for that segment. It will then keep recording and each time the file size exceeds 600MB, a new file is created, in association with the first file. This will help users to backup their video files on other auxiliary storage devices, such as a re-writeable CD. PowerVCR II provides a video file playlist, so that it even though the video is separated into several files it seamlessly plays it back as one file. Thus, users may enjoy a long movie without the hassles of having to open and close several video files, and still save hard drive space.

Includes PowerDVD 3.0
PowerVCR II Deluxe includes the latest version of the world acclaimed software DVD player. PowerDVD 3.0 features unrivaled functions allowing you to view high quality video and media-rich DVD contents on the PC.

(Serial Number is in Rar File)