Portable PPTMinimizer 2006 v1.8

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Portable PPTMinimizer 2006 v1.8

Portable PPTMinimizer 2006 ver. 1.8 | 2,89 Mb

PowerPoint is almost a synonym for the word presentation these days – and presentation file sizes can be huge. True, you could convert your presentation to another format like Flash SWF, but that brings its own share of problems – like losing the ability to make any changes in future. That's where PowerPoint compression software like PPTminimizer steps in – this product lets you optimize multiple presentations into different compression levels without changing the format.

PPtminimizer leaves the original PowerPoint file unaltered – it creates a new file with a suffix of PPTminimizer and allows you to send the optimized presentation via e-mail with a single click.

There are other sections in PPTminimizer interface, which are explained below:

1. Optimized Presentations – the optimized presentations can be seen here, to save the optimized presentations in a particular folder, choose Save optimized presentation in folder option.
2. Compression Settings has three basic compression values which are strong compression, standard compression and low compression.
3. Custom Compression can be selected by activating the check box and then clicking the Setting button – by tweaking parameters like setting the screen resolution, and JPEG quality, you can get the best compression value

*direct run - no install

download: 1.76mb