Sim@tic step7 Professional v5.3 SR2, P.L.C. Programming Software

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Simatic step7 Professional v5.3 SR2, P.L.C. Programming Software

The STEP 7 basic software is the standard tool for the SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC C7 and SIMATIC WinAC automation systems. It enables the user to utilize the performance capability of these systems easily and conveniently.

STEP 7 has user-friendly functions for all phases of an automation project:

Configuring and parameterizing the hardware
Definition of communication
Testing, starting up, and servicing
Documentation, archiving
Operation/diagnostics functions
All functions are supported by extensive online Help.

STEP 7 is installed as standard on the Field PG and Power PG. It is also available as a software package for PC installation. For execution on the PC, a PC module or a PC adapter will be required. STEP 7 permits several users to work on a project simultaneously. In this case, write access is denied to more than one user.

S7-SCL (Structured Control Language) is a PASCAL-like high-level language optimized for programmable controllers (PLCs).

S7-SCL permits:

Easier and faster program generation
Enhanced quality of the PLC program
Improved comprehension
Simpler testing
This lets the user quickly and efficiently formulate automation solutions.

S7-SCL can be used with the SIMATIC S7-300 (recommended from CPU 314 and CPU 312C upwards), SIMATIC S7-400, SIMATIC C7 and SIMATIC WinAC.

S7-SCL has been awarded the PLC Open Base Level certificate.

The S7-GRAPH engineering software is used to configure and program sequences within a process in a standardized type of display (according to DIN EN 6 1131-3). The sequence (e.g., the manufacture of a component) is divided into successive or simultaneously executed steps.

As a result of this division, the PLC program remains clear, and is easier to analyze in the event of a fault. This is particularly helpful in the production industry to avoid cost-intensive down times.

Users working with S7-GRAPH are provided with a modern Windows desktop with pixel graphics, window techniques and zoom facilities.

The methodic procedure and the clear representation mean that S7-GRAPH is extremely efficient software for describing sequential processes.

S7-GRAPH can be used in the SIMATIC S7-300 (recommended from CPU 314 and CPU 312C onwards), SIMATIC S7-400, SIMATIC C7 and SIMATIC WinAC automation systems.

S7-GRAPH has been assigned the PLCopen base level certificate.

The S7-PLCSIM simulation software permits functional testing of the generated SIMATIC S7 user blocks on the PG/PC independent of the target hardware availability. This permits troubleshooting and debugging at an earlier stage of the development process. This means:

Faster, less expensive initial startup
Increase in program quality
The S7-PLCSIM can be used for all user blocks and a selection of existing system functions.

The range of applications extends from the languages

as well as all SIMATIC Engineering Tools:

CFC (including SFC).
Extended ranges of application:

WinCC (installed locally)