ProKon ver. 10.0

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ProKon ver. 10.0

ProKon (short for Professional Converter) is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows program that is intended to perform numerical conversions between the various units used in the scientific and business community. Early versions of ProKon were capable of performing this, and only this, function. As the program has evolved, many things have been added so that the current version is capable of doing much, much more. Following is a complete description ProKon and what ProKon is capable of doing for you. ProKon is intended for use with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. ProKon cannot be used with Windows 3.11 or earlier versions. There is a 16-bit version of ProKon available (called SICon) that is capable of this.

The primary use for ProKon is to convert numerical data to/from various units of measurement. While focusing on conversions between the metric and Imperial (English) systems of measurement, it is capable of performing conversions between many other units, foreign, ancient, and archaic. ProKon's capabilities have grown to the point that it is capable of performing well over 400,000 different unique conversions. You would have a difficult time finding a measurement unit that is not already included in ProKon. Even if you could, ProKon has the capability of storing any special conversion units that you might come up with in a special "Custom" conversion class.

The conversions in ProKon are grouped into various "Classes". Each class contains units that would logically fit in the Class description. Examples of classes are Mass, Length, Viscosity, Density, Concentration, Light, Temperature, Area, etc. In all, there are 26 Classes to select from. Each of the units contained in any Class can be converted to any of the other compatible units in the Class. Selection of a pair of units for conversion presents a calculation window in which calculations can be performed. Calculations are performed 'dynamically', meaning that as values are entered under one unit, the converted value is updated instantaneously to the other unit. Either conversion value may be edited to dynamically display results - useful for 'what if' calculations. All data shown can be printed, or copied to Windows clipboard and file.

ProKon also contains a Periodic Table of the Elements. Selecting the Periodic Table class shows the complete periodic table of the elements. Any element may be selected to bring up a window showing pertinent data on that element. Such things as atomic number, atomic weight, density, oxidation states, melting point, boiling point are shown along with descriptive text on the element giving reactivity, uses, sources, prevalence, toxicity, etc. All data shown can be printed, or copied to Windows clipboard and file.

A Class titled 'Material Density' gives density of over 600 common materials. Approximate density is given in both metric and Imperial (English) units. Densities are available for materials from acetylene to flint to mahogany to zirconium. Again, all data shown can be printed, or copied to Windows clipboard and file.