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PromiScan - инструмент, который помогает системным администраторам найти снифферы в локальной сети. Он не создает тяжелую загрузку на сеть. Обратите внимание, что обнаружение разнородного узла очень трудно, и в многих случаях, результат не неизвестен. Для работы необходим драйвер WinPcap. Очень удобен для проверки безопасности локальной сети.

PromiScan | 1 Mb

PromiScan is a renowned sniffing node detection tool and has been used worldwide ever since its release. Promiscan is one of the tools mentioned in the 2003 SANS/FBI Top 20.
PromiScan 3.0 (commercial version) has improved its monitoring capabilities by providing continuous monitoring to detect promiscuous applications starting and ending without increasing the network load.

Today, many examples of information leaks from corporations can be seen in recent headlines and potential network sniffing by malicious insiders could represent a significant threat to many corporations. Network sniffing enables listeners to listen in on all network communications and to obtain passwords to gain unauthorized access to a server, which could result in divulging mission-critical corporate data. Still, no effective measures to prevent network sniffing have been implemented to date. By simply activating sniffing software, an individual with malicious intent can passively accept all packets, regardless of their destination addresses, without sending any suspicious packets. For this reason, it's extremely difficult to detect sniffers.

PromiScan 3.0 is an innovative application software for remotely monitoring computers on local networks to locate network interfaces operating in a promiscuous mode that illegally accepts all packets. PromiScan 3.0 continuously monitors traffic to detect sniffing programs starting and ending and alert the administrator. By installing PromiScan 3.0, you can detect network sniffing immediately and can even prevent potential sniffing activities by people inside your intranet.

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