Proxy Vampire v.2.0 Freeware

Posted By: Yozj
Proxy Vampire v.2.0 Freeware

Proxy Vampire v.2.0

Proxy Vampire will quickly find and check any types of proxy servers for you.
The program will automatically select all proxy servers from the sites and forums you specify and checks their validity in a professional way.
The universal search and check of proxy servers allows you to quickly and safely detect all anonymity types: transparent, distorting, anonymous, elite.

• A multithreaded system looks through the list of forums and searches them for proxy lists.
• The program checks the found proxy servers using a unique algorithm, which allows it to detect the type of each proxy and its anonymity level in the most precise and complete way.
• Filtering the selected proxy types.
• Proxy Vampire detects a lot of proxy properties: type, anonymity, country, access rate.
• Checking proxy servers via WhoIs servers.
• Proxy Vampire automatically specifies the proxy server you select in its settings.

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