Playstation2 Emulator 0.9.2 (released NOV 2006)

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Playstation2 Emulator 0.9.2 With User Guide and Pixel Shader Plugin
PS2 Emulator | 4.2MB (unpack 27MB) | User guide | Windows

Playstation2 Emulator 0.9.2 (released NOV 2006)

Zero GI Pixel Shader Plugin for version 0.9.1 and 0.9.2
Plugin for Pixel Shader Graphic Card | 1.9MB (unpack 15MB) | with User giude

A first and best working Emulator for PS2 that even made
I play and finsh Final Fantasy XII & TEKKEN by using this emulator in my PC

Extremely Recommended for All that want to play PS2 game on their PCs

NEWS in this release:
>This fixes an assortment of issues found briefly after 0.9.2's original launch. It is strongly advised that people get this build of 0.9.2 over the initial release.
> Compatibility regression with Vampire Night resolved.
> Final Fantasy X now works for most regions.
> Fixes Crash when using config>patches
> Frame Limiting is now more accurate.
> Improved zeroGS, Disgaea 2 menus are now solid.
> P.E.Op.S SPU2 updated to include threaded mode (usefull for video recording).
> Screen Saver / Power Saving now disabled when running.

FF XII screenshot that running under this emulator:

How to Run PS2 Emulator 0.9.2 :
1-unpack the rar file
2-run ps2.exe/ps2t.exe ( both of them work but you must run that file is more compatible for your PC)
3- enjoy!

How to use ZeroGS plugin:
2-copy to DLL file into plugins directory in PS2_EMU_092 directory (or directory that you unpack your Emulator RAR file)

This tool posted in my post about version 0.9.1 of this emulator but I think is very useful if you never download this emulator recommended to you to download it:

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Thanks to Gigahertz, Razor Blade, crushtest, Nachbrenner, Falcon4ever and many thanks to Bositman for User Guide