Purple Ghost iGadget ver.

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Purple Ghost iGadget ver.

Purple Ghost iGadget ver. | 6,32 MB

iGadget™ allows you to realize the full potential of your iPod. With iGadget™, you'll be able to transform your iPod into much more than a simple music player.

Songs and Playlists
Transfer songs and playlists from your iPod to your computer and/or into iTunes while preserving play counts, user ratings and last played dates.

Driving Directions
Never get lost again! Put driving directions right onto your iPod .

Movie Showtimes
Get the movie showtimes for your local theaters stored onto your iPod.

Backup any set of files and/or folders from your computer onto your iPod for safe keeping.

Music Listings **
Create listings of the music on your iPod in various formats (HTML, CSV, plain text). This could then be used to post on a website or to print out a listing of all your songs.

Weather Forecasts
Never get caught without your raincoat by keeping your local weather forecasts on your iPod.