PVII CSS Layout Magic v1.07 For Dreamweaver

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PVII CSS Layout Magic v1.07 For Dreamweaver

PVII CSS Layout Magic v1.07 For Dreamweaver | 1.60 MB

Click Create and your layout is automatically created and ready for you to customize. CSS Layout Magic does the hard parts and leaves you with a solid base from which to work.
Overview and Features…

* Automatic Page-Creation interface
* 6 two-column layouts. Choose from an assortment of fixed or flexible-width pages.
* 3 three-column layouts. Choose either fixed or flexible-width.
* 3 single-column layouts in either fixed or flexible-width formats
* Automatic current page link highlighting
* Editable Fireworks images
* Search engine friendly
* Standards-based and accessible
* Stable cross-browser compatibility
* Compatible with PVII widgets and menu systems

The multiple column layouts all utilize a Faux column technique to render all columns equal height. Styling is kept to a minimum to enable you to customize your page's colors and other style aspects quickly and efficiently.