DW extension - Password protection

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DW extension - Password protection

DW extension - Password protection

Password protection schemes using javascript are notoriously easy to circumvent. They can be easily defeated merely by viewing the Page Source. This Extension uses a far more secure technique.

It is not to be trusted with really private information like Credit Card data or Social Security numbers, but is perfect for more mundane purposes, like controlling access to a family photo album, members-only area, private newsletter, etc. Moreover, this extension is unique among the group of similar scripts: by employing XMLHTTP technology, 95% of users (based on their choice of browser) will never be confronted by a 404 'File Cannot Be Found" screen when usernames or passwords are entered incorrectly, making it extremely user friendly. The Password Login Form can be added to your page as either a Behavior that opens when a link is clicked, or as an Object added right to your page itself. As a bonus we also include EyesOnly, to further enhance protection of your private pages.

To add the Password Protect Login Form as a Behavior that opens when the user clicks on a link: Select the linked element to which you wish to apply the behavior. Then choose "Password Protect 6" in the Behaviors Window dropdown. To insert the Password Protect Login Form directly onto your page as an object: Place the cursor on the page where you would like the object to be added. Then find "Password Protect 6" in either the Insert/ menu OR in the Goodies tab of the Insert Bar. Find EyesOnly, which you add to your private pages, in either the Insert/ menu OR in the Goodies tab of the Insert Bar.

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