Portable Quicken 2006(R4) Premier Home & Business

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Portable Quicken 2006(R4) Premier Home & Business
Portable Quicken 2006(R4) Premier Home & Business

Quicken Premier Home & Business 2006 is the best Quicken solution for keeping track of both personal and business expenses and maximizing tax deductions. It simplifies tasks such as tracking who owes you money, paying bills, and customizing estimates and invoices.
Quicken Premier Home & Business 2006 includes all the personal budgeting and investment management features of Quicken Premier software — plus it gives you the power to:
* Instantly see how your business is doing. The Business Center gives you an instant overview of all your unpaid invoices, upcoming bills and more.
* Easily categorize business and personal expenses for reporting and taxes. Quicken Home & Business makes it easy to track and categorize expenses, with tools and reports like the Schedule C tax form.
* Simplify tax preparation and find hidden deductions. Keep an ongoing record of business expenses, including mileage. Print out a Schedule C form whenever you need to check your tax liability. (Your Quicken purchase may even be tax-deductible!) Scan and store receipts, cancelled checks, and tax forms in Quicken so you know where they are at tax time.
* Manage cash flow more effectively. Monitor your expenditures and gain more flexibility to allocate funds where and when you need to.
* Easily create reports and graphs. Get a visual picture of sales, profits and expenses for any time period. Print or save PDFs of cash flow reports, balance sheets, P&L statements and more.
* Seamlessly manage invoicing with customized business forms. Create and track customized invoices and other forms within Quicken for a seamless record of payments and expenses.

download: 34.9mb (extracts to 54mb)

-when setup is running, it will copy some files to setup default location on your hardisk (3 folders to be exect, current user [cuintuit], alluser [auintuit] and common files [cmintuit]) and this process will takes about 15 to 40 seconds, depending on your pc specs..

when quicken exits, all copied files on hardisk will be copied back to your portable folder location, so any changes you made will be saved except for the registry as it will delete some of it during exiting (sharing registry entries will stays on your pc).