Quake 2007 ver.1.11

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Quake 2007 ver.1.11

Quake 2007 ver.1.11 | 9,55 MB

Quake 2007 is robust and dependable, a major design consideration being to "bomb proof" the application. Quake 2007 won’t crash every time you do or enter something unexpected.

Easy To Use:

You Won't need a degree in computer science to use Quake 2007. If you know how to type your name using the keyboard and how to use a mouse; Quake 2007`s vast array of wizards will do the rest. Although Quake 2007 is simple to use; don't make the mistake of thinking that it lacks the power to be used professionally. The Quake 2007 design helps amateurs sound professional and professionals sound sensational.

CD Ripping & File import:

The days of hunting down a CD, finding the right track, and having only two or three hundred tracks to choose from are gone! With a Desktop/Tower PC, a large hard disk (external USB or internal), you can replace not only your CD players and Jingle Machines; you can eliminate the need for cases of CDs and vinyl, and take up less space than you ever imagined. With A 80GB capacity hard disk you could store in excess of 400 hours of high quality music; equating to some 12,000 tracks (twelve thousand!!).

Become a richer D.J. - trade in your commercial vehicle for a small hatch back; fire the roadies; you no longer need them !

A small table with your computer and a mixer is all that is needed. You can pull up music quickly, and mix it professionally; you can spend less time hunting down CDs and vinyl, and more time entertaining and being personable with your customers.

Manually adding 12,000 tracks to the database would be a daunting task if it were not for the CD ripping and file import utilities. Both utilities offer a high degree of automation; with the CD ripper, whole CD’s can be ripped directly to individual Mp3 files; or tracks imported as a batch from, for instance, a downloaded file folder.

Full Function Data manager:

After importing your music collection onto the database, you use the data manager to edit and process your tracks. You can easily define new genres, artists and albums, edit track names, and unique to Quake 2007, globally unify output volume levels of all tracks in the database; totally removing the need for constant volume adjustments.

Play List Manager:

A full function play-list manager allows saving and loading of your play-lists at a click of a button, each track in a play-list is loaded in the same play order as it was first saved; ensuring that you can re-create "the magic" of a good gig.

Unique to Quake 2007, another kind of play-list called a group Play-List can be saved and loaded. This kind of play-list is designed for use with "Auto Play"; when a group play-list is saved, timing, fade type, speed and other information is saved along with the play-list. When auto played, playback sounds just like a taped recording of the live performance; the difference being that each segment of the play list can be fully edited to suit.

Dual Streaming Track Play Decks And Information Displays:

Quake 2007’s streaming track play decks offer unrivalled control over track starts; in addition to manual deck start, at the click of a button, three other functions are provided to fully automate deck panning and fading on deck starts. As an aid to "D.J. patter"; sited above each deck are scrolling text displays; "Free text" of any practical length can be displayed when each track is loaded.

Quake 2007 has an intelligent track play and error prevention system. This helps to reduce the risk of continuity errors from occurring by intercepting potentially embarrassing decisions (sudden silence at the speakers for instance) with a "Continue or Cancel" warning.