Quartet X2 Platinum Edition v3.0

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Quartet X2 Platinum Edition v3.0

Quartet X2 Platinum Edition v3.0 | 3.57 Mb
A serious tool for serious musicians and students of music.

Quartet X2 is a notation writer

Quartet Songwriter (available in the Platinum Edition) is a music notation tool that if fully integrated with the score composing side of Quartet X2.
Quartet X2 is a music composer

Quartet is a graphical music composition/recording tool and MIDI synthesizer, that makes it easy and fun to compose and play instrumental and background music.
Quartet was designed for the novice, or anyone who can't read sheet music but wants to create musical masterpieces.
It has a simple to understand graphic interface that resembles a sheet music score, but without the complex notation.
Select from 120 + instruments. Write a music score for up to 8 instruments, play it, edit it until you are satisfied, and save it as score file.
Create music almost effortlessly. Instantly write, play and edit notes. Composing instrumental music is easy as pie with Quartet
Quartet X2 is a music Recorder
Records your music scores, voice input and your CD's as high quality WAV files
Record your composition as a CD quality 16 bit WAV file.
Record from multiple sources (score + MIDI; score + WAV; score + microphone; score + CD).
Bored composing your own music? Then record CD quality stereo WAV files from your Midi files and convert them to MP3
Quartet X2 is a music Player.
Play your entire music collection with Quartet X2
Just play it! Plays CD, WAV, MIDI, SNG
Quartet X2 is an MP3 Encoder
Encodes all your compositions and your CD's to MP3 format
QUARTET X2 Features:
Easy to use graphic interface visualizes staff and notes.
MIDI driver selection
Select 1 to 8 channels for recording/playback
Select individual instruments for each channel
Save a composition as a highly compact and editable score file (.SNG)
Record a composition as a CD quality 16 bit WAV file (you can select from 16 recording formats
Multiple input recording
Play MIDI, WAV and CD recordings
MP3 Encoder with bitrate selection
System Requirements
Windows 95/98/XP
Pentium processor (90 mhz) *
Sound card
16 MB RAM*
*higher recommended
QUARTET X2 Music Studio Free Trial version is fully functional for 15 day or 30 trials.




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