Quest SQL Navigator Xpert ver.

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Quest SQL Navigator Xpert ver.

Quest SQL Navigator Xpert ver.
OS: Win32 | Size: 71 Mb

SQL Navigator provides the tools you need to cut Oracle PL/SQL server-side development time in half. PL/SQL development can be a tedious and time-consuming job – often monopolizing the valuable time and efforts of Oracle developers. SQL Navigator is a PL/SQL development solution that streamlines workflow by adding a drag-and-drop, graphical user interface to the PL/SQL development environment. SQL Navigator speeds the development of Oracle-based applications and combines coding, tuning, debugging, Web development and version control to deliver higher quality applications and save valuable time.

Features and Benefits:
* Ensure optimal productivity and application performance
* Improve database development with the ability to drag-and-drop SQL code
* Easily develop and tune database code with enhanced GUI
* Advanced support for version control integration
* Enhanced support for Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and Java databases
* CodeXpertlaunch window — allows you to visualize your software quality, shorten test cycles, lower error rates, reduce maintenance efforts, uncover

software changes, and locate high-risk code through industry leading metrics and test coverage techniques
* ER Diagramlaunch window (entity relationship diagram) feature to quickly model a table and graphically see the dependencies and joins to other tables
* Code Roadmaplaunch window feature allows you to graphically see the complex interdependencies your PL/SQL code within the database
* Integrated and enhanced SQL Tuning component (Xpert edition) with Improved Optimization Intelligence, best practices, scanning, inspecting and testing for

scalability (with Benchmark Factory)
* o SQL Tuning automates the optimization of SQL statements
* Citrix support — SQL Navigator can be published to users in a Citrix environment to ease administration and deployment
* Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL - Provides thousands of topics on background information, best practices and examples programmers need to write optimized,

bulletproof code
* Support for silent installation to make network deployments easier
* Job Schedulerlaunch window – manage all of your jobs, job classes, schedules, and programs in one central location.
* Project Managerlaunch window – keep track of what you’ve been working on
* LDAP support

SQL Navigator for Oracle version 5.5 includes several productivity enhancements to assist users in performing day-to-day application development and database

management tasks, including:

* Support for new Oracle 10g features (R1, R2, 10gXE) including Transparent Data Encryptio
* Job Scheduler – manage all of your jobs, job classes, schedules, and programs in one central location
* Project Manager – keep track of what you’ve been working on
* The CodeXpert utility has been improved to provide multi-file support
* New Profile Manager lets you backup and restore your SQL Navigator user preferences for each version
* LDAP support
* Support for 64-bit client OS has been added (32 bit Oracle client only)
* Side-by-Side support allows multiple versions of SQL Navigator to be run on the same machine
* Support for silent installation to make network deployments easier