QuickTime PRO ver. 7.0.3 incl iTunes ver.

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QuickTime PRO ver. 7.0.3 incl iTunes ver. | 33, 1 Mb

A new working reg code!

QuickTime: The multimedia infrastructure from Apple for the Macintosh. Introduced with System 7 on the Mac, a QuickTime file can contain any kind of continuous motion data such as audio, video, MIDI, animations, virtual reality, Karaoke text and time-based control information. QuickTime files use .QT, .MOV and .MOOV extensions. There are a huge variety of products that support QuickTime authoring, and QuickTime players for both Mac and Windows are available at Apple's Web site.

iTunes: iTunes is a media player, written by Apple Computer, for playing and organizing digital music, video files, and purchasing digital music files in the FairPlay digital rights management format. The iTunes Music Store (also sometimes referred to simply as "iTunes" or "iTMS") is the component of iTunes through which users can purchase digital music files from within iTunes.