Quite A Box Of Tricks 1.7

Posted By: Pipkin
Совершенно необходимая вещь для дизайнеров, работающих с Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat plug-in

Subsample and/or recompress images without any need to redistill.
Can produce dramatic space savings.
Ideal for web page preparation, proofing, or fixing bad distiller settings.
Offers "JPEG extra", stronger compression than Distiller will allow.
Easy access to compression settings through named profiles.
See the results immediately - if you compress too much just hit Restore and try again with different settings.
Convert any PDF file to CMYK by converting all RGB and Lab data to CMYK.
Optionally convert all spot plates to process (CMYK).
On MacOS (including OSX) and Windows 98/Me/2000/XP (only) use ICC profiles for precise, accurate colour conversion.
Convert to greyscale, or all text to black.
Choose a minimum line thickness to make "hairlines" print on high res devices - fix an entire file at once.
Scale pages.
Free rotate by any angle.
Mirror pages e.g. for film or for fabric transfers.
Combine form fields into document so they cannot be modified or lost.
Remove all form fields to shrink files.
Make annotations a part of the document, or remove them all.
Get information on text and images in a PDF file.
For text, shows the exact font used, and whether it is embedded and/or subsetted.
For images, shows exact dimensions, how well it compressed, JPEG method, DPI, and more.
Search document for the largest images or for RGB image to identify troublespots.
Shrink or recompress individual images.
Identify not only the JPEG method but the version of Distiller used to compress.
Starting with release 1.2b, Quite A Box Of Tricks can be automated using the third party plug-in pdfBatchProcess Pro, sold by callas software as part of pdfToolbox.

Starting with release 1.5, Quite A Box Of Tricks can work with the new "Batch Sequences" feature of Acrobat 5, without additional software (provided you have Acrobat 5, or 6/7 Professional, not 6/7 Standard). For details see MANUAL

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