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QX-Import - Import Excel or PowerPoint files directly into your Quark XPress document without having to recreate charts or slides from scratch.
QX-Collect & Send - The ultimate job collection tool. Gather and send all job files, fonts and images (including fonts and images embedded in EPS files), directly to your printer’s FTP site, without ever leaving Quark XPress
QX-Shortcuts - Master all the Quark XPress shortcuts. This single palette displays all shortcuts for fast reference. Clicking any shortcut listing launches that command.
QX-Scaler - Resize groups of Quark XPress objects with flexible precision, attribute selection and the ability to undo.
QX-FindChange - Search and replace across all Quark XPress items, even objects, using over 50 item attributes. Incredible flexibility includes using greater (>) and less than (<) symbols when searching.
QX-ItemStyles - Create style sheets for Quark XPress items, using any of over 50 item attributes.
QX-Viewer - Navigate documents with ease while viewing thumbnail previews of all page spreads. Immediately zoom to the spot you want.
QX-Character - Interactively adjust character attributes such as font size, angle, baseline shift, kerning and more.
QX-Rule - Interactively adjust rule properties such as thickness, inset, position and more.