Radio Wizard

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Radio Wizard

Radio Wizard| Application| 1.1 mb

Do you listen to Internet radio? Would you like to rewind, pause or record? If so, Radio Wizard is for you.
Radio Wizard makes listening to live online radio or streaming audio more fun than ever! Now you can take control of the audio stream – pause it, rewind it, fast-forward it, or record it. Radio Wizard is just like a TiVo™ for live internet radio.

Take advantage of the power of Radio Wizard
* Start Radio Wizard on your favorite radio station before you leave work, and when you return, you can listen for a whole day and skip all the ads!
* Are you interrupted when listening to your favorite show? Just press Pause, and don't miss a thing.
* What was that web site or phone number? Go back and hear it again.
* Did you just hear a great song or something really funny? Go back and record it!

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