RaidenFTPD 2.4.2680

Posted By: lnxwind
RaidenFTPD 2.4.2680

RaidenFTPD 2.4.2680| 4.7 MB

RaidenFTPD is an easy-to-use ftp server software for Windows™. With this handy tool you can share your files with friends , provide file download services to customers or even setup your own private network file server . Not only are all the basic FTP server features built-in; it also features various advanced features such as SSL/TLS, UTF8, UPnP NAT traversal and more ..

Supported FTP features - RaidenFTPD enables you to setup a FTP server with FTP file management features including file uploads, downloads, rename, delete, directory management, site extension commands, passive and active file transfers, resume uploads and downloads, and more…

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