Punto Switcher ver2.95

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Punto Switcher ver2.95

Punto Switcher ver2.95 | 1.45MB

Punto Switcher the automatic switch of the Russian and English apportionment of keyboard. Sometimes you forget to switch apportionment with the Russian in the English and you obtain, for example, “[Tsshtvshchtsy]” instead of “Windows” and, on the contrary, without having switched the apportionment of keyboard from the English in the Russian, you obtain “vjkjrj” instead of “milk”. Now it is possible simply to forget about switching of keyboard, switching will be produced AUTOMATICALLY! (version dated November 13, 2007 with the support Windows Of vista.
Program works, using principle of the impossibility of the combinations of some letters for the Russian and Englishes. In the Russian language, for example, the word cannot begin from the letter “'”. Punto Of switcher follows the fact, what letters on the keyboard are collected and, if program sees the inadmissible combination, for example, “[shchku]” (“More”), after the pressure of gap, Enter or Tab occurs the automatic changeover of apportionment. We used a dictionary from several million words in order to determine impossible combinations. Have, if you please, in the form, that the program correctly works with the Russian and English apportionments of keyboard, rule of switching they are based on the rules of Russian and Englishes.
Possibilities of the program:
c[ozdanie] and the editing of its own user dictionary;
the correction of [sLUChAYNOGO] of the pressure Of capsLock;
the cancellation of switching and correction of the collected text on the pressure Of break. For example, you want to convert that recently collected “we” in “vs” - press Break;
averting switching and correction. For example, you collect password by Latin letters even you do not want so that the apportionment would be switched. Press the right pointer (key - >) and apportionment will not be switched, but the collected text corrected;
sound signal with the misprints;
the correction of the first two capital letters, for example in the case: Russia - Russia.
tuning the method to switch apportionments;
auto-replacement. Now you can create the reductions, which will be turned havoc. For example, you write - “[SNP]”, and these three letters to be developed into the phrase: “With the best wishes”. Also, you can place in the auto-replacement the name of your firm, for example, OF [SKK] - “[Samarskaya] cable company”
Punto Of diary
Into the program Of punto Of switcher enters the diary - Punto Of diary. Diary is developed in order to help you to preserve and to regulate the intelligent text, which usually is pulverized on the conferences, the letters, the chat rooms. In Punto Of dairy there is a possibility of search on entire text, which men collected within a week, month, year. Journalist from this can make an article, writer - book, and it is possible, turning over the pages diary, to recall that you made with the past in spring. Punto Of diary can be useful for the quoting of the forgotten conversation in the chat room, restoring the text after the failure of program and so forth