RapidGet V1.1 - New version

Posted By: Alexpal

New version! With RapidGet PREMIUM-Account users are able to comfortably download files hosted at RapidShare, automatically upload files, test RapidShare links, and much more.

[ PREMIUM-Account ]
Please enter your Login and Password at Account-Data and press Log in. If you've checked Automatic Login RapidShare will automaticly log in with your Account-Data from now on.

[ Download ]
In order to download hosted files from RapidShare click the Add files-button and insert the links you want to Download. Then select a location to save the files and press Add files to Queue. If you want to extract all RapidShare links automaticly from a text or HTML Source click the Text-button in the Add files window and insert for example the Sourcecode from a boardpage. To start the download simply click the Start Download-button. (If you want to change the amount of simultaneous downloads do this in Download-Options before you start the download). In the On Download Complete section you can select what RapidGet should do after all downloads in the Download-Queue are completed. With a click on "Queue-options" you can look at all your queued files and mark or delete them.

[ Upload ]
Uploading files with Rapidget is very easy: Set up a folder for the linkfiles in which the textfiles with the Download- & Deletelinks will be placed. Now press Add Category and enter the Category's name. when you click Add Files you are able to add files to this category. If you click Start Upload RapidGet will upload all files of this category. The uploadsystem with categories works like this: You create a category and add files to the category. After finish uploading a file the Download- & Deletelinks for this file are saved in "name of the category""name of category".del.txt. If you upload files of the same category the Download- & Deletelinks are saved in the same file.

[ Linkchecker ]
With the RapidGet Linkchecker you can test links on their availability. Just add the links which are to be tested to the field on the left. (Press Clipboard if you have the links in your clipboard or Text if you want to grab RapidShare Links from a Text or HTML Source.) By checking Info-Box you can choose if you want to see a summary after the test. To test the links click Test Links. After all links are tested the links which work turn green, deleted links turn red and lines not recognized as valid RapidShare Links turn yellow.

[ Notes ]
Here you can store Informations about the files you're downloading (e.g. Passwords for Archivefiles). You can save'em with a click on the Floppysymbol. Your Notes will be saved in the Settings-Folder and will be loaded automaticly on the next Start of RapidGet.

See more on developers site.