Reaper ver.1.47

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Reaper ver.1.47

Reaper ver.1.47 | 2,1 MB

REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

Fast and powerful editing facilities

* Tool-less mouse interface – spend less time clicking
* Drag and drop files to instantly import them into a project
* Support for mixing any combination of file type/samplerate/bit depth/etc on each track
* Easily split, move, and resize items
* Each item has easily manipulated fades and volume
* Configurable and editable automatic crossfading of overlapping items
* Per-item pitch shift and time stretch
* Arbitrary item grouping - easily group any number of items across any number of tracks (great for drum editing)
* Markers and envelopes can be moved in logical sync with editing operations
* Ripple editing - moving/deletion of items can optionally affect later items
* Multiple tempos and time signatures per project
* Ability to define regions, and quickly move/copy regions (and their contents), to quickly try out alternate arrangements
* Automation envelopes for volume, pan, and plug-in parameters
* Configurable locking settings (lock items, envelopes, loop selection, etc, independently)

Outstanding routing capabilities

* Tracks can be viewed and used as normal tracks, or….
* Each track can function as a track and as a bus
* Each track can send to any number of other tracks (unlimited multiple parallel sends*)
* Each track can send to any number of hardware outputs (mono or stereo) for monitoring or analog mixing
* Every send can send audio and/or MIDI, audio sends can be before FX, after FX, or after the track's volume/pan faders
* Every send has its own volume/pan/phase controls
* Tracks can have as many as 64 channels, for easy support of multi-out VSTi, as well as enormous sidechain flexibility
* Routing Matrix window for easy viewing and changing of routing
* Feedback routing is supported