Record Producer MIDI v5.01.4103

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Record Producer MIDI v5.01.4103

Record Producer MIDI v5.01.4103
Win App | 4.9mb | RS.COM

Whether you are an accomplished musician or a beginner with Record Producer MIDI you can turn your multimedia PC into a complete desktop MIDI recording studio… even if you can’t read a note! Work at your own pace as you create multi-track MIDI recordings of your own music or modify pre-recorded MIDI songs. Compose songs step-by-step by entering notes with a mouse or MIDI keyboard, then edit every detail on the PC screen. Quick Keys let you switch instantly between different views of the song, including the Track, Piano Roll and MIDI Event Editor windows. Multiple-levels of undo/redo are available on all editing operations. You can even print out sheet music to enjoy!

Extra MIDI Effects
The MIDI Edition includes lots of added MIDI effects, such as pitch transforms, on and off velocities, custom note duration effects, custom start time values, offset, scale, humanize and invert MIDI values, eliminate duplicate controller events, thin and fill MIDI controller events, and tempo effects such as fit time, tap tempo and accelerando.

Synch Settings
Record Producer MIDI Edition allows you to synch to exterrnal sources.

… And much more!
Customize patch maps, loop tracks… you can do it all with this powerful MIDI tool.

Processor 400MHz processor recommended
RAM 128 MB RAM recommended

Hard Disk Space 16 MB of hard disc space for program. You will also need sufficient disk space for storage of your music files.
Operating System Windows® 2000 Professional (SP-3 or higher required), Windows® XP Home and Professional

Display 800 x 600 high color (16 Bit)
Soundcard 16-bit DirectSound-compatible soundcard
CD-ROM A 16X or faster CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive capable of reading both data and audio Compact Discs.
Other Internet Access is required.
A CD-R (CD Recordable) drive is needed for CD burning features, if applicable. Click link for a list of supported CD-R models.