Registry Optimizer 2007 ver. 3.0

Posted By: Kalamata
Registry Optimizer 2007 ver. 3.0

Registry Optimizer 2007 ver. 3.0 | 6.7MB

It is possible that in the process of the system’s registry clean and registry repair, the important registry entries could be at risk. Registry Optimizer uses its high performance engine for registry repair. Intensive and thorough research has been completed by our development team to make Registry Optimizer the top-rated tool in optimizing your system’s registry without any risk.

Registry Optimizer comes with the Express and Wizard mode, for fully meet your registry needs. Most of the settings in both of these modes are pre-defined. However, the user has a choice to change the options, depending upon the registry cleaning requirements of during the process.

It’s critical to keep your system’s data safe and the rescue operation easier to run. Registry Optimizer creates a complete registry backup before making any changes before, during and after the registry clean.

Registry Optimizer is a ‘one click tool’ where most all of the activities are taken care of without much user interface. The user does have the ability to stop, cancel or modify the process of the registry clean during the process.

Registry Optimizer highlights:
* System requirements: Windows XP, 98/ME. 2000/2003/NT.
* Cleans and repairs unwanted debris left behind by adware and spyware.
* Powerful and easy to use. It takes one click to run and optimize cleaning.
* Keeps your computer running and performing in “like new” fashion.
* Uses a high performance engine to scan important parts of the registry.
* Identifies and corrects errors that can slow your system down, or cause it to behave erratically.
* Includes Backup and Undo functionality for any change made.
* Advanced users have the ability to choose which part of the registry they’d like to work in.
* To understand more about the registry errors and registry protection, the Registry Guides available on our site can also be referred to.