Registry Medic ver.5.0

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Registry Medic ver.5.0

Registry Medic ver. 5.0 |3 MB

Registry Medic - Fix your registry & improve your PC's performance! Over time, normal use of your system will leave your registry with errors and unused information that can cause even the most high tech systems to become sluggish and occasionally crash. Without regular maintenance, your system registry can resemble a small data jungle, making it difficult for your computer to navigate and operate smoothly. Clean and organize your system with the newly updated Registry Medic 5.0.

Registry Medic will easily detect and remove system slowing errors such as: outdated file location entries, invalid software data, file extensions, and start menu data. Using a state of the art search engine this tool will point out and thoroughly repair registry problems for you. Also, conveniently set regular automatic scans, let Registry Medic worry about when next to clean your registry.

Protect your system: Registry Medic will eliminate Trojans and other harmful viruses which can use your registry to spread and damage your PC. Also set system restore points. Return your system to a set point in time, before damage or changes occurred.

New features available with 5.0:
- Updated and more efficient Scan Engine!
- NEW REGISTRY COMPACT! Compact your registry.
- Let Registry Medic Scan for you or choose to manually scan!
- Restore your registry with a few simple clicks!
- New and updated list of Spyware and Malware immunizations!
- and much more!