Registry Shower 2007 Vista Ready

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Registry Shower 2007 Vista Ready

Registry Shower 2007 is an application that fix your registry and optimize your PC

Registry Shower 2007 is powerful tool for cleaning Registry, Fixing PC errors and optimizing PC for better performance.

Registry Shower 2007 Cleans and Repairs Your system Problems with safety Methods.

Cleaning and Repairing Your Computer Registry with full safety complex algorithms.Optimize your Windows for high performance of your computer.

Here are some key features of "Registry Shower 2007":

· Automatic/Manual Removal
· Automatic Fix/Shutdown
· Optimize Windows For High Performance
· Start Up manager
· Uninstaller manager
· Windows Tweak manager
· Deep-Scan With complex algorithms For High Performance
· Back-up/Restore Deleted Keys
· Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs
· Checks invalid Class Keys
· Checks Shell Extension
· Checks invalid Help Files/HTML Help Files
· Checks Invalid CLSID/Typelib/Interface Entries
· Checks Invalid SharedDLLs Files
· Checks invalid Paths
· Checks Install Folder/Broken Links
· Checks Application Path
· Checks Invalid Fonts
· Checks Invalid File Types/Extensions/Entries
· Checks For ActiveX/COM+
· Checks For Virtual Devices
· Checks For Destroyed Software Locations
· Powerful And Engine For The System Safety
· Play A Cool Game During The Scan
· Smart Auto Upgrade Checker Online
· Customizing Ignore List To Neglect Your Private Keys
· Smart Digital Static Indicator


· Pentium 120 MHz
· 32 MB RAM
· 8004x600 SVGA display
· 20 MB free hard drive space