Advanced Registry Tracer 2.11

Posted By: vampirate7
ART does this by making 'snapshots' of the Registry and saving them in its database, which you can later browse through at your convenience. You can compare any two snapshots and get a list of keys and data which are new, deleted or modified. ART can compare the entire Registry or any key of the Registry. It can also exclude keys of the Registry from comparison results. With ART you can create undo/redo files (to rollback changes, for example). To view the current state of a key or to modify it, you can use ART's Jump to Regedit function. The contents of any key can be exported to a standard *.reg file (either new or old format).

Advanced Registry Tracer is very useful for detecting Trojan viruses and eliminating problems caused by software and hardware installs and uninstalls.

In contrast to Registry monitoring software (such as RegMon and Win-Expose Registry) and most uninstallers (CleanSweep, Uninstall, etc.), ART compares full copies of the Registry that were made at different times, while the software mentioned above simply monitors access to the Registry. Advanced Registry Tracer lets you track (and undo!) each and every change to the Registry without affecting your system performance.

ART lets you create filters so you can very easily compare specific keys. In this way you can safely experiment with registry tweaks that are normally represented as REG files and also create your own tweak data base!

Here is a brief list of what ART can do:

* Works under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and XP.
* Scans different copies of the Registry and saves the results into a special file so you can browse or search through them "off-line".
* Scans the Registry of a remote computer.
* Compares different copies of the Registry.
* Compares individual branches of different copies of the Registry.
* Undoes and Redoes Registry changes based on comparison results: directly from the program or by generating standard REG files.
* Exports and/or imports any key of the Registry into or from the old REG file format (regedit 4) to or from the new one (regedit 5).
* Fast searches of Keys, Values and/or Data (with advanced options that make it possible to search according to a key's date (NT) and value datatype. Now you can easily find such exotic types as REG_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR, REG_RESOURCE_REQUIREMENTS_LIST (W2000,XP).
* Bookmarks frequent searches.
* Opens any key in the RegEdit.
* Has an optional command-line interface for automated Registry scanning and comparing.
* Conveniently navigates between corresponding keys of different Registry copies and comparison results.
* Adds comments to each copy of the Registry scanned.
* Includes full install and uninstall support.
* Supports XP style.

New features of ART 2.0:

* The new object filter is introduced. With the help of filters such operations as scanning and comparison can be carried out selectively (at the level of keys)
* The new object tweak is introduced. In this way you can safely experiment with registry tweaks that are normally represented as REG files and also create your own tweak data base!
* Advanced Registry Tracer has a new database format that reduces the volume of the database(approximately 5 times)
* One can compare keys in a command line mode now
* Improved interface
* Export velocity of REG file is enlarged more than 10 times