Reindeer Graphics Fovea Pro.v4.0.for Adobe Photoshop

Posted By: quil__23

When used with Photoshop?or other programs primarily designed for the graphic arts, Fovea Pro makes these versatile, widely supported, andfamiliar-to-use programs into high-end scientific image analysis packages that provide all of the tools needed for state-of-the-art processing,measurement, and analysis. Combined with Photoshop "Actions" and Scripts the plug-ins can be used to automatically process folders containing batches of images, yielding data files ready for further interpretation in speadsheet or statistics programs.

Adding Fovea Pro to a dedicated image analysis program such as Image Pro Plus?means that within the same program that can control your hardware (cameras, stages, filter wheels, etc.), you now have access to a broad range of processing, measurement, and analysis capabilities that far exceed in diversity and accuracy those built into the host program.

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