Replay Screencast ver.1.21

Posted By: FatBuu
Replay Screencast ver.1.21

Replay Screencast ver. 1.21 | 10 MB

Introducing Replay Screencast, the easiest way to capture whatever you see on your screen, and turn it into a video movie file, or "screencast." Plus, you can add audio from what you hear on your speakers, or by talking through your PC's microphone. Replay Screencast is a great way to make Software Demos and Tutorials, produce Powerpoint Videos, record Flash, QuickTime, and DRM protected videos, and a lot more.

Replay Screencast is a perfect choice to:
* Make software and Web site demos and tutorials.
* Add Audio Narration to any video.
* Turn Powerpoint presentations into movies.
* Record Video Instant Messenger sessions.
* Make videos from Webcams.
* Record Webcasts.
* And more!