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RGBmachine v3.7 (c) Ace Imaging Software (Win)

Posted By: itbrutal3
RGBmachine v3.7 (c) Ace Imaging Software (Win)

RGBmachine v3.7 © Ace Imaging Software (Win) | 1,4Mb |

RGBmachine uses exclusive color correction engine. While you simply move sliders, the program calculates the most appropriate color curves. Despite of outstanding accuracy the engine is so fast, that
the process reminds adjustment by analog handles, independently to image the dimensions. Usually when you rotate/crop an image, you move and resize a frame over a static image. This is easier for coding, but more difficult in use. In RGBmachine, the frame is static and you move and resize an image. This way is more natural, and let you control vertical and horizontal axis.
Special pop-up window with pixel-to-pixel scale is used for both detailed viewing and for red-eye effect removal. You can fix the effect in one touch with special anti-red-eye brush. RGBmachine does not include usual file-open or file-save dialogs. It works with whole folder of digital photos. The organization of processing reminds reloading in automatic weapon: as soon as you have finished with one image, another is available for processing. Certainly, you may skip unnecessary images during processing.
In addition, you do not need to control history in RGBmachine. Different kinds of operations are independent among themselves. Assume that you change color, remove red-eye effect and then rotate
an image. You do not need to back to start if you decide to readjust the color.

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