Rosetta Stone Ultimate Multilanguage DVD

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Rosetta Stone Ultimate Multilanguage DVD

Rosetta Stone Ultimate Multilanguage DVD | ISO | 2,75 GB

Rosetta Stone is the #1 language-learning software in the world, used successfully by millions of people in 150 countries. It’s been adopted by government agencies and corporations – including Deutsche Telekom, IBM, and Lockheed Martin – and thousands of schools and universities around the world. With Rosetta Stone, learning a new language is easier than you ever imagined.

Languages Included in This DVD (26 Languages):
Arabic - Chinese - Cymraeg - Dansk - Deutsch - English - Espanol - Francais - Greek - Hindi - Indonesian - Italiano - Japanese - Kiswahili - Korean - Latin - Nederlands - Polish - Portugues - Russian - Russian Traveler - Spanish(Spain) - Svenska - Thai - Turkish - Vietnamese.

This is a WinRared image of - Rosetta Stone Ultimate Multilanguage DVD. Size 1.72Gb
Once unrared this image contains 26 different languages (Listed Below). All the required documentation (Pdf's) And the application itself!
All the sound(.au.Swa) and picture(Pct) files have been converted and compressed, greatly reducing the file size. This image is just 2.75Gb
once extracted you can either Mount the image using alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools, or your can burn a DVD using Nero or similar!
Once the disk has been mounted or inserted the application should auto-run, complete with all 26 languages loaded. From here you can also
Read the help file documentation, Configure,Browse the disk, or Access the website.
If the disk doesn't auto run simply explore your image or DVD, locate and open the RosettastoneExe. within the application folder.

1 Arabic Level I
Arabic Level II
2 Chinese Level I
Chinese Level II
3 Cymraeg Level I
4 Dansk Level I
5 Deutsch Level I
Deutsch Level II
6 English Level I
English Level II
7 English Level I
English Level II
8 Espanol Level I
Espanol Level II
9 Francais Level I
Francais Level II
10 Greek Level I
Greek Level II
11 Hindi Level I
12 Indonesian Level I
13 Italiano Level I
Italiano Level II
14 Japanese Level I
Japanese Level II
15 Kiswahili Level I
16 Korean Level I
17 Latin Level I
18 Nederlands Level I
Nederlands Level II
19 Polish Level I
20 Portugues Level I
Portugues Level II
21 Russian Level I
Russian Level II
Russian Traveler
22 Spanish(Spain) Level II
23 Svenska Level I
24 Thai Level I
25 Turkish Level I
26 Vietnamese Level I

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