Rsi Guard 4.0

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Rsi Guard 4.0

Rsi Guard 4.0 | 27 Mb

Many ergonomists, physical therapists, and doctors believe that stretching during breaks can be beneficial for preventing repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or reducing RSI symptoms. With “RSIGuard Stretch Edition”, you can view video stretch demonstrations during your breaks to guide you through regular stretching throughout your day. You can optionally also listen to spoken descriptions of the stretches, which can be helpful since watching the screen is difficult while doing some of the stretches.

Rsi Guard 4.0

The DataLogger feature of RSIGuard constantly records ergonomic usage data such as how many hours you spend on the computer, how often you take suggested breaks, and how you use the mouse and keyboard. RSIGuard typically stores this data on your hard drive (or a network drive it your company has configured network storage).

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