Guard Stretch Edition 4.0.14

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Guard Stretch Edition 4.0.14

RSIGuard Stretch Edition 4.0.14 | Win32 | Size: 28.15 MB

Tool for managing and preventing repetitive strain injury (RSI). It contains an advanced trauma model that tells you to take breaks when you really need them. It contains an artificially intelligent mouse-clicking feature to reduce mousestress. RSIGuard also keeps track of: typing rate, mousing & typing intensity; length of computer use each day; and more. It can show and print graphs of this data over the years, so you and your health practitioner can see trends.

* Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually work at the computer, and designed to be as unintrusive as possible
* Video stretches shown during rest breaks
* Microbreaks give you time to briefly relax, regain awareness of your posture and work patterns, and maintain awareness of how your body feels
* Ergonomic reminder messages keep you aware of how you are working at the computer
* Tracking & reporting of key work statistics helps you understand how you use your computer
* Online health status reporting helps you track the connection between work patterns and discomfort
* Online ergonomic training teaches you the basics of healthy computing
* Hotkeys & keyboard remapping reduce keyboard strain by reducing how many keys you press and relocating hard-to-press keys
* Automatic clicking eliminates strain associated with mouse clicking, works much better than alternative pointing devices or switching to your other hand
* Dynamic work restrictions help you follow a doctor-prescribed reduction in your exposure to computer strain
* Highly customizable features with an easy-to-use setup-wizard and intelligent default settings
* Flexible multi-user and network support lets you easily move from computer to computer, install on servers, intranets, etc.
* Administrative-control functions for enterprise users
* Upgrade path to Remedy Interactive Office Ergonomics Suite
* Easy to use

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