RTSquare Renderer

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RTSquare is a 3D rendering software, designed with a new architect ure to accelerate rendering on GPU.
RTSquare is a 3D rendering softwar e, designed with a new architecture to accelerate rendering. It takes advantage of the programmability, performance, and quality of your GPU to render imagery of uncompromising quality at unheard-of speeds.
It enables users to browse in real time, in 3D scenes with all rendering features, soft shadows, reflections, refractions, global illumination, caustics. Special effects like Depth of field, fog, Lens flare, halo are available.
A tree, that describes the current scene, allows the us er to edit all rendering parameters like Camera, Lights, Meshes, Mater ials, Shadows, Reflection, Refraction, Caustics, Global Illumination a nd Special Effects, in Real Time.
The Hybrid Ray-Tracing Algorithm, co mpute images in real time, with :
- Materials with Diffuse, Bump, Spec ular, Gloss textures,
- Soft shadows (Up to 128 Pass for a light),
- R eflection (Recursive Reflection Max Level 4 and shadows),
- Refraction ,
- Caustics ( for reflective objects),
- Global illumination (Up to 2 56 Samples per Pixel),
- Special Effects ( Cartoon rendering,Layered F og, Depth of field, Lens Flare, Halo, Light Cone),
- Animation (Lights , Camera, Objects Key Frame and Morphing, Motion blur),
- Saves image or animation in BMP Format up to 4K antialias.
This software requires a graphics board compatible with pixel shader 2.0 and DirectX 9.0. You will find an exporter plugin for 3DS Max, to export scenes and animat ions in RTSquare Format. Coming soon exporters for Lightwave, Maya, Ci nema 4D, Softimage.



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