SecurErase 8.0

Posted By: ghost19
Raiding a discarded or sold computer is one common way identity thieves can get your personal information such as credit-card information, personal details, addresses, email, passwords and much more!

Did you know that even if you delete files or partitions, that someone can still come in and recover most, if not all, of your personal data? Even re-formatting your hard drive leaves your data exposed to possible recovery. A recent MIT study* showed that most of the discarded hard drives tested had sensitive personal or corporate information left on them, including credit cards, email, financial information and more!

Completely erase your hard drive by using VCOM SecurErase when you plan to sell or give your old computer to another user, who you do not wish to have access to your work files, financial information, internet passwords and other sensitive data.

SecurErase provides a multi-pass drive/partition erase for total peace of mind. Use it to make sure that your data is securely and completely erased - for good!

With VCOM SecurErase, simply select the specific partitions or the entire drive you wish to SecurErase.

Advanced options are also available to validate and change the default multi-pass erase process.

Erase the entire drive, or select a specific partition
Validates erasure success
Fast Custom and Government SecurErase options
Government SecurErase option conforms to DoD standards
Works with all PC based operating systems including all Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, NetWare and more!
Runs even if OS no longer is working or stable
No limits to drive size
Creates a Certificate of Erasure