SharpPlus Sqlite Developer 2.77

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SharpPlus Sqlite Developer 2.77

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer 2.77 | 9,41 MB

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer, a powerful database manager that will manage sqlite3 database!

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer features:(Version History)

* Power SQL Editor
o Sqlite Sql Syntax Highlight
o Sql history
o Sql keyword autocomplete
o Parenthesis matching
o Table/View/Field Autocomplete
o Live Sql Syntax Check
o Unicode support
* SQL Formatter
* Supports ansi, utf8 and utf16 data encoding and decoding.
* Customizable Data Type Mapping.
* Execute multiple sql separated by semi colon.
* SQL Monitor.
* Visual Query Builder.
* Visual tables ,views ,trigger and index management.
* View and edit field as Text , Hex , HTML or bmp, jpeg, gif.
* View and edit temporary tables, views and triggers.
* Query plan.
* LiveUpdate.
* Export data to sql,csv,excel, word, html, xml.
* Import data from csv, sqlite database.
* Extract db schema and data.
* Treeview style db explorer with smart filter
* Find in Database Schema
* Cancel long-time query
* Support loadable extension and virtual table
* Multi Languages support(English, Japanese, Simple Chinese)