ShyFile ver.6.33

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ShyFile ver.6.33

ShyFile ver.6.33 | 26,7 MB

Are you a frequent internet user moving from one PC to another and you think you can't be downloading and installing messenger applications to be used on all the machines? Our Messenger has been developed for those ShyFile users who are looking to send messages and files to people who don't want to bother about various messenger applications, or even don't have an e-mail address. Whenever you start up your internet browser you will be able to receive messages and files or to send them directly to someone else's browser.

ShyFile provides a command line interface that gives you the power of ShyFile without its usual graphical user interface. For example, this way a pre-determined working process of either encrypting, decrypting or shredding a file/folder can be done by a single click on a desktop icon. It allows you to use ShyFile directly from the command prompt and from batch (.bat) files, making it ideal for automating repetitive tasks.

Need secure file deletion? Use the integrated File Shredder to thoroughly delete and remove files and all their traces from your drive in a way no sophisticated un-delete tool could ever restore them.